Vocabularies Register

Geoscience Australia (GA) uses controlled vocabularies to organise our data for subsequent computer discovery. A controlled vocabulary will mandate the use of predefined, authorised terms that have been curated by Geoscience Australia, in contrast to natural language vocabularies, which have no such restriction.

About this Register

This is the static register (index) of GA's vocabularies. Its purpose is to present the static URIs to each vocabulary which is particularly useful for machines that wish to automatically index them, more so than for humans who can search for them manually.

About the Vocabularies

These vocabularies are Geoscience Australia's vocabularies for internal and external use. GA uses the Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) Portal managed by the Australian National Data Service to manage our vocabularies. In addition to inspecting and downloading vocabuaries in the RVA system, GA also provides our own instance of a Linked Data APIn that makes web pages (human and machine-readable) for each vocabulary and each terms within a vocabulary (Concept).

An example of one of our vocabularies in the RVA system is:

The corresponding Linked Data API view of that vocabulary is at the web address which defines the vocabulary:

The vocabularies are all formulated according to the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) which is itself represented in Resource Description Framework (RDF). The vocabularies can be searched using the SPARQL query language and we provide service endpoints for SPARQL searches for each vocabulary. In time, we will present a single endpoint for all vocabularies allowing for searches against all of them.