International Geo Sample Number (IGSN) Registration System for Australian Government Users

Australian Government IGSN Registration System Home Page

This site is an early prototype version of a system that allows Australian state and federal government users to register their samples for International Geo Sample Numbers ( The site allows you to register individual samples via a basic user interface, register multiple samples by uploading a standard-format CSV file, or programmatically bulk-register samples via a RESTful API (RESTful API documentation here).

Geoscience Australia develops and maintains this IGSN registration system, along with a separate system to serve out Linked Data landing pages for each IGSN. URIs for samples entered into this system are currently registered with the global IGSN authority off-line on an hourly basis, and the metadata will be harvested into Geoscience Australia's database nightly, from where it is used to build the Linked Data landing pages on demand. Note that the landing pages can be customised to suit the needs of the organisation which owns the sample.

Geoscience Australia is responsible for managing all IGSNs prefixed with "AU", including those with two-letter state codes such as "AUVI", "AUSA" or "AUNS". Note that individual state organisations will need to contact Geoscience Australia in order to register to use this system.

Please contact Dave Lescinsky at Geoscience Australia ( for further information on how to register samples for IGSNs.