GA - Linked Data Representation

About Linked Data

Linked Data is the "interrelated datasets on the Web" using particular technologies, particularly the Resource Description Framework (RDF). GA, being a large publisher of data, has started to link all of its public data together using Linked Data and this page delivers Linked Data representations of "Geosience Australia" defined both as an Organization, according to the Organization Ontology and as a Data Provider Register, according to the Data Provider Register ontology.

The RDF version of this information, in the turtle format can be found at

GA as an Organisation

Here are some basic facts about GA in accordance with an its definition as an "Organization", as per the Organization Ontology:

Property definition Property ontology name Value Data type Notes
Name foaf:name Geoscience Australia xsd:string There are other representations of GA on the Internet, most notably GA's main website but these are not definitional in a Linked Data sense since they don't implement ontology-based and machine readable descritors as this page does
Sub organisation of org:subOrganizationOf Australian Public Service xsd:string There is no Linked Data representation of the Australian Public Service, yet
Subunits org:hasUnit Chief Scientist

Resources Division

Community Safety and Earth Monitoring Division

Environmental Geosciences Division

Corporate Services

Digital Science & Information
org:OrganizationalUnit So far, the subunits of GA haven't yet gotten Linked Data representations so these links while they identify the subunits, do not resolve anywhere
Head of organisation org:headOf James Johnson foaf:Person This person has no online, Linked Data representation yet
Member of organisation org:hasMember Alex Ip foaf:Person This person has no online, Linked Data representation yet.

This property of GA will, in time, lead to a register of GA's people

GA as a Register of Registers

GA, for the purposes of providing access to its various public data holdings, can be considered a Data Provider Register which is a 'register or registers' as defined by the Data Provider Register Ontology (DPR-O).

As per the DPR-O specification, GA, as a Data Provider Register, is required to deliver at least a Register of dcat:Dataset class objects and potentially other registers of prov:Agent and prov:Activity-class objects. To date, GA delivers only dcat:Dataset objects in a register which is itself a Federated Register containing a register of datasets and vocabularies which are a specialised type of dataset. The registers are: